ATS Brutal Gold HD Sound Engine 2016 V1.2.x by Stewen

Brutal-Gold-HD-Sound-Engine-1 Brutal-Gold-HD-Sound-Engine-2 Brutal-Gold-HD-Sound-Engine-3

Key Aspects of the Brutal environment HD + SOUND engine Gold for ATS 1.2.X version:

Enhanced gaming Experience

01: Faster FPS (10%-20%) than of factory default game
02: Good traffic lifelike, less truck several cars setting.
03: Repaired all light system AI & night lamps, traffic lamps lifelike, skybox, etc…
04: Includes WESTERN STAR 5700 Searching Truck dealer PETERBILT! (credits : Fabio Contier)
05: Includes KENWORTH T800 Searching Truck dealer KENWORTH! (credits : RustyRagdoll)
06: Includes PETERBILT 389 Searching Truck dealer PETERBILT! (credits : dmitry68, Stas556)
08: Includes American Trailers (Black & White) 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 Tons
09: Includes Pack disks with tires for all Trucks (credits : Anatoly 7469)
10: Running operation without warning and errors.

This ONLY ATS game version 1.2.x!

If usage other mod, may be losing faster FPS, and many other settings which increases playability enhanced gaming experience!

Recommended settings:


Author: Stewen


DOWNLOAD 69 KB Level 44
DOWNLOAD 67 KB 121 Milla

12 thoughts on “ATS Brutal Gold HD Sound Engine 2016 V1.2.x by Stewen

  1. Wellington G Telles

    Crash on KENWORTH store,

  2. not working for me…crashes game

  3. sigh, you dont learn do you ….

  4. Sadly it breaks the left turn light at stop light. To the point that the lights dont show. It was a great mod start with, but since it starting to break things in the game. Its going downhill.

  5. Repaired and fixed ATS Brutal new version 1.2
    Included VOLVO VNL 670!XQoGjaxZ!P-_jGVDbqsmQ_VOd8XJ7cqsTUj_Mg1m7TYbbW2a0M84

  6. Wellington G Telles

    Continues crash the game when I try to enter the Kenworth Dealers.

    1. Wellington G Telles

      only when purchasing online.

  7. Wellington G Telles

    I noticed that visit Dealers has no problem, but if you buy Truck online, the game crash, in KenWorth Dealer

    Thanks Stewen

  8. Wellington G Telles

    Another small problem with the traffic light, look’s image.

  9. send 200 $ hunger child, show your receipt and I fix the problem.

  10. Haweky Trucker

    Nice mod Stewen and welcome back, I thought you were gone forever and I could not get back to enjoying your mod

  11. MrGermanTruck

    FAKE!!! FAKE!!! FAKE!!! This mod is trash and who makes this mod isn´t the true Stewen, is supplanting her identity, if outside the true Stewen would have adapted the mod to ATS game and this mod is an old mod for older versions of Euro Truck Simulator 2

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