Another ATS 2 screenshot

Date 2014-01-14 08:16

american truck simulator 2

12 Responses to Another ATS 2 screenshot

  1. houssem algeria

    link donload please

  2. George Stevenson

    What do you mean, download link, the game is not even out yet?

  3. jimmie teruel

    How do we have mods for a game that hasnt been released yet


    The game isn’t even out yet and you said it will be released February, 13, 2015 what the hell.

  5. TruckSimMods

    Hey guys, I dont wanna be an annoying advertiser, but if you search all kinds of ATS Mods, check out my Channel. HD and fast uploads.

  6. spyk

    damn! ATS just got released and theres screens for ATS 2 already?

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