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American Truck Simulator Review, Gameplay

Date 2016-01-29 17:07


SCS Software decided that it’s high time we packed our bags, took our truck driver license together with our favorite windshield toy, and head to the other side of the ocean. After few years of driving on the Old Continent and creating an empire of transportation, the Czech studio is taking us to hot California and equally vast Nevada. The change is quite apparent, and you can actually see it, hear it and feel it. Being a truck driver in the United States is a completely different – and much better – experience.

We learned about the existence of American Truck Simulator a long time ago. Although Euro Truck Simulator series was undoubtedly an amazing phenomenon that attracted thousands of sim lovers and fans of big trucks, many gamers wanted something new that would make them twice as excited to take the steering wheel of the 18-wheeler and roam the highways with more and more expensive cargo. A virtual trip to America is supposed to be that motivating factor and I believe that’s the best decision the developers could have made.

+ Vast driving area, even though it only covers two states with dense road-net;
+ Much bigger and better developed cities with characteristic buildings;
+ Great realization of traffic regulations;
+ Presence of police;
+ Traffic is smooth, no extortion of the right of way and lack of silly mistakes by the AI-controlled vehicles;
+ Great atmosphere of the United States;
+ Licensed trucks;
+ Really nice visuals and well-polished technical side of the game;

– Ticket fines seem to be a bit too high;
– Two trucks to start with is not a lot;
– Similarities to Euro Truck Simulator 2 are a bit too obvious.

More information in GamePressure review: http://www.gamepressure.com/e.asp?ID=501

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4 Responses to American Truck Simulator Review, Gameplay

  1. Mati

    Create a save to ATS pls

  2. Tom

    Well, if you think fines are too harsh – they are still more or less realistic. But I still beg to differ to most of your points. Cities aren’t bigger. Police is just there for speed traps – no pursuits or else. And the “feeling of being in the US”, you can’t really mean that! I’ve been to half of this map IRL. Most freeways miss at least one lane if not more. Carpool lanes? Not for trucks, not even in the game. Try going San Diego to Bakersfield or San Francisco. Or LA to Vegas. Landscape is unrealistic – from Bakersfield to almost San Juan, the land should be flat like god’s steamroller ran over it., and the I-15 should have more variety. Mountain Pass near Veags? Nope. I hope some dedicated group will give it a makeover.

  3. Bob Bob

    Similarities with ETS?!! It’s another ####### trucking game, of course they’re going to be similar you daft smeghead.

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