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American Radios Pack

Date 2018-06-11 15:25

Put the file “live_streams.sii” in the folder “American Truck Simulator”

There are 823 radios, in 3 different countries which all work! ;)

* Canada (CA)
* Mexico (MX)
* USA (US)

Working with:
– All modded maps
– All versions of game, but I recommend newest one
– All DLC
– Multiplayer

More info:



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5 Responses to American Radios Pack

  1. peeweelulu

    EXELLENTE liste de radio mais dommage il n’y a pas une radio que j’adore c’est radiox choi 98.1 quebec canada pouvez vous l’ajouter a votre exellente liste merci ce serai formidable pour moi
    good job et merci

  2. ahmed mahmoud


  3. alky

    What’s the point of a radio mod when all you need to do is open your browser, go to your favorite radio station, “listen live” and run it in the background?

  4. QF_Giulia

    peeweelulu – I don´t speak French, but I think you want some radio to game. Please, send me some link with working stream ;)

    alky – And what´s the point of your comment? I am doing it for people, not for idiots.

  5. Leigh

    For my experience, alky, the advantage of having control of the radio “in-game” is that I can control the volume without having to leave the game to go to the web page. Yes, I can just lower the volume of my speakers but that also lowers the volume of the simulation. Using a radio mod like QF_Giulia’s, let’s me change stations and volume all while clearly hearing the game’s SFX.

    Hope that helps. :) Cheers.

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