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Accessories (lamps, lights, beacons, horns) for Trucks

Date 2016-09-03 16:50

Accessories-3 Accessories-2 Accessories-1

The mod adds lighting equipment and sound (lights, lights, beacons, horns) from the ETS and ohaha Volvo 2013, kengooryatniki.

Authors: Piva, Ohaha, 50keda, SCS

DOWNLOAD 23 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 23 MB [Uploadfiles]

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10 Responses to Accessories (lamps, lights, beacons, horns) for Trucks

  1. wiseguy

    Can you make this mod with light slots behind the cab for ats trucks on the next update?

  2. Piva

    I don’t publish it here,

  3. Piva

    Hi vladimir1203, cat you made your own mod not on my name?

  4. ChristianO5

    Sorry but my game always crashes when I want to put the strobes on my truck

  5. TruckMan2

    Does this work on V1.29?

  6. Ishmaine Rochester


  7. Ishmaine Rochester

    yeh mon

  8. whitedrago

    The lamps doesn’t works well. It are lit, but at night the roads are not brighter. So the lamps are just decorations, useless.

  9. ATSNoobTruckeer13

    Can you make LightBars?

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