Kenworth T680 Monster Energy Mega Pack

Date 2016-02-05 15:10

Monster-Energy-1 Monster-Energy-2

Kenworth T680 Monster Energy Mega Pack

All this in one mod:
– Monster Energy Skin
– Monster Energy Trailer
– Monster Energy Mudflap
– Monster Energy Interior

More screenshots is in archive

Unzip SCS from archive and put in mod folder and activate ingame!

Author: BLiNKT


HUD Mirrors made smaller

Date 2016-02-05 15:08

HUD-Mirrors-1 HUD-Mirrors-2 HUD-Mirrors-3

This mod reduces the dimensions of the mirrors that are part of the HUD (those shown/hidden by pressing F2). This is the same mod I have already made for ETS2. It is based on the mod “Small Left hand HUD Mirror for UK rhd Trucks” by Reef_UK at Crockett’s House Forum. Thanks go to him for creating the original mod.

Two sizes are included: either 70% of the original size or 50% of the original size. As with the default mirrors, pressing F2 will display either left only, right only or both.

Tested 1.0.0 Game Version

Author: lonestranger


Foggy Weather v 1.6.1 – ATS Edition

Date 2016-02-05 15:04

Foggy-Weather-1 Foggy-Weather-2 Foggy-Weather-3

It’s a part of Foggy Weather 1.6. which are now under development, but that’s an other topic and you will get informations soon.

This modification brings you:

– Foggy/smoggy weather near west coast
– Foggy weather in desert
– Sandstorms in desert
– Cloudy/light rainy weather near west coast and desert
– Realistic temperature while fog, smog or sandstorms

It requires American Truck Simulator (1.0.0s) and should be compatible with all future maps.

ChangeLog [1.6.1]

– Fixed skybox-bug while early morning
– Fixed discription
– The version stands now in a squared bracket
– Added loading bars

Author: GerScaniaTrucker



More Engines v 2.0.4

Date 2016-02-05 15:01


In this Mod there are 14 engine that work with all trucks. It starts with 360 HP and goes up to 2000 HP.
DO NOT reupload or share on other websites without permission!

Authors: MasterMods SCS


Disable Speeding Tickets from Police Cars

Date 2016-02-05 14:57


Disable speeding tickets from police cars that are in the area. Does not disable any other infraction such as speeding tickets from cameras, running red light, car crash, etc.

Author: zilladotexe


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