Realistic AI Lights

Date 2017-01-22 11:59

Brighter ai vehicle lights, so you can see them from bigger distance.
Tested in version 1.5x
This is my first mod for ATS so hope it works for you. (it works for me)
If not, remove the manifest in the scs file.
You can share with the original link and credits.

happy Trucking




Cisterns Pack v V1.5

Date 2017-01-22 11:57

4 Standalone Cisterns:
* Petro Canada Tanker
* Praxair Tanker
* Safety Kleen Tanker
* Superior Propane Tanker

Trailers also includes in AI Traffic



Real Company Box Trailers v 2.2

Date 2017-01-21 20:19

============== Features ==============
– Replaces the default box trailer skins
– 40 realistic, extensively researched trucking company liveries
– Includes small details such as warning decals, trailer numbers, and manufacturer decals
– Upscaled textures (to 2048×2048) with aspect ratio corrections for higher detail and no texture stretching
– Adds additional cargo to the appropriate trailers and all the trailers to AI traffic.
– Compatible with ATS 1.5 including Advanced Trailer Coupling

============== New in Update V2.2 ==============
-Added Hyundai Translead logo to Landstar trailer
-Enhanced Carrier X4 7500 decals on Reefer 3000R trailers
-Walmart 53′ replaced with Knight Transportation
-Knight Transportation replaced with Transport America
-Transport America replaced with Schneider National (Special)
-Added Old Dominion Freight Line (26′ dry van)
-Added ex-C.R. England (48′ reefer)
-Added standalone 53′ dry van
-Added Schneider National
-Added Heartland Express
-Added Crete Carrier (Special)
-Added Interstate Distributor
-Added Werner (New) [WIP]
-Added Covenant Transport
-Added XTRA Lease
-(Re)added Walmart 53′
-Added bottles, curtains, empty palettes, and used packaging to 53′ dry van cargo
-Added frozen food, frozen fruit, frozen vegetables, fruit, ice cream, and meat to 48′ reefer cargo
-Added cheese and yoghurt to 48/53′ Reefer 3000R cargo
-Removed Stevens Transport (temp fix for AI 53′ 3000R and 48′ static trailers)
-Bonus: Added HD ADR/Hazmat placards

============== Issues ==============
1. Due to the new paint job system introduced in ATS 1.4, the rear of the 20/53 ft. Dry Van and 48/53 ft. Reefer 3000R trailers use the same texture.
2. Due to the mapping of the 53 ft. Reefer 3000R trailer, the decal placements may not be exactly the same as the real trailer.
3. Several plain skins are included and may later be replaced with other companies.

============== Installation ==============
1. Delete any previous version of this mod.
2. Copy the “Real_Company_Box_Trailers_andrei383.scs” file into your American Truck Simulator mod folder.
2. Activate the mod in the ATS mod manager.
3. Increase the priority of the mod so that it has higher priority than other trailer mods.

============== Donate ==============
If you would like to support the continued development of this and other mods, please consider making a donation. You can donate via PayPal:



Freightliner Cascadia ADL Skin

Date 2017-01-21 11:07

This is a skin is of a real trucking company based in Maryland called ADL. A you tuber by the name of Johnny B Good drives this truck, for ADL, to various parts of the country. He has a YouTube channel you can subscribe to under JBG travels. He has many subscribers as I am one of them. He’s just a regular guy driving his truck and talking normally. He doesn’t even curse or anything. So you can play his channel on you TV in the living room and relax with the kids around. I like that since I’m a father of two little ones.

I enjoyed painting this truck and I want to share this with the virtual trucking community. Shout out to Johnny B for working hard and enjoying what you does best. I look forward to watching your videos. Shout out also to T-Rex for the introducing me to this guys you tube channel and showing the video off. Click the link below. This is my second upload with more coming.

This skin was tested on ATS v1.5 (map re scale). Freightliner Cascadia by Solaris36. ADL Skin by Spawning Salmon.

Spawning Salmon



3D AD Refeer Trailers Pack

Date 2017-01-21 11:05

3D AD refeer trailer for ATS 1.5
Traffic support.
Modified from ETS2 3d Trailer pack.



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