Mexuscan 1.11.4

Date 2016-10-08 19:25


Coast 2 Coast v1.9.1 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-Mexuscan 1.11.4
2-Coast 2 Coast 1.9.1

*increase 30kph limit speed to 50kph
*reduice 50% of density traffics on 1 lane highways
*fix other bugs



22 Responses to Mexuscan 1.11.4

  1. michael

    crashes my computer, they are in the right order

  2. Nick

    What city’s are they in?

  3. Devin Curry

    this update crashes my game

  4. michael

    my computer crashes with this update as well as update before this one

  5. Roger

    No works fine . . If jou have the Chrome water trailer it must go out

  6. roger

    And the Physics mod out to

  7. michael

    I don’t have either the chrome ..who knows what physics mod your talking about..there are so many of them..anyway still does not work.this game is so touchey

  8. michael

    I never had problems with Mexuscan maps until the last 3 updates it should have nothing to do with trailers and physics map are just not compatable

  9. Chris

    my steering wheel disapeared on my trucks and yes i updated

  10. Chris

    Hmm i am also using interstate 10… wonder if that might be an issue

  11. Nick

    Works fine for me.

  12. hmm my steering wheels disapeared of my truck, is this one compatible with interstate 10 also?

  13. Genooyd

    Several things needed some editing to make it work without CTD:

    – deleted traffic_lane.mexuscan.sii
    in folder def/world

    – edited road_look.mexuscan.sii
    in folder def/world

    lanes_left[]: traffic_lane.road.mexuscan
    lanes_right[]: traffic_lane.road.mexuscan

    lanes_left[]: traffic_lane.road.freeway
    lanes_right[]: traffic_lane.road.freeway

    Probably caused by a custom trafficmod that uses traffic_lane.road.freeway instead of traffic_lane.road.mexuscan

  14. jay


  15. Rowddy

    download link doesn’t work :(

  16. MooMoo

    ferry from San Diego to Fairbanks makes the game crash

  17. GabeDays

    Game still crashes with priority in order…

    Changing to the stable 1.11.1 version… Awating for 1.11.5

  18. bcathey

    mexuscan 1.11.4 crashes game , Interstate 10 crashes the game , coast 2 coast is still good and stable.

  19. alexcyrh22

    in the priority order i have: interstate10, mexuscan 1.11.4 and c2c 1.9.1, and its work

  20. brian

    i would rather play the new game with the new 1.5 update , but to play it right now im using 1.4 with no problems.

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