1974 Kenworth W900A ATS V1.6

Date 2017-06-29 19:23

1974 Kenworth w900a
Purchase in the Kenworth dealer
Includes several skins
Tested with ATS v1.6

Joe Nagonette & Craig Teague


9 Responses to 1974 Kenworth W900A ATS V1.6

  1. Vladimir

    Old mod, from 2016 year, for version 1.0, 1.1

    Real authors
    Stas556, dmitry68
    Adaptation for ATS: Stels

    • Rick

      2016? rather 2013! still a cool truck but hoped it would came with a shorter chassis after all those years :(

  2. ATS Trucker

    Just a 2016 mod w/ authors changed (NO UPDATES PEROID) !!!!! Waste of time to download it!!

  3. R & T Trucking

    This truck needed more updating bad! NOTHING NEW on it, They could have added a cabin or two & some more body parts, I already delete it!!

  4. Modz

    If you people didn’t know this truck was updated to 1.6 so it doesn’t matter wat year its says just as long as you have a truck to drive

  5. BigDogDad1


  6. Great truck love driving it. Main issue is the jake not working…
    It’s an easy edit to get it working though.

  7. how do you get this to work its not a scs file?

  8. kiks

    How remove steering wheel?

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